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Different aspects about a brain tumour surgery in India

A lot of you would have heard that brain tumour surgery cost in India stands to be the lowest in the world? Before we proceed ahead we need to understand more about this surgery in the first place. It goes on to remove the tumours of the brain and it would be without any serious form of damage. A host of surgeries could be performed in relation to the surgical procedure of the brain. Out of the various forms of surgery, craniotomy works out to be the common one. Here a portion of the brain is exposed so as to cover the brain over a tumour. Then the outermost layer of the brain will be opened. They are then going to be located and then removed. Then you can expect the bone to be replaced once the stitch is put back in order. Normally this form of surgery is required in the following type of cases

  • When you need to obtain a portion of the sample for an in-depth and detailed diagnosis.
  • If you are benign then you might need some form of genetic treatment
  • Sometimes in the brain seizures might occur and with the passage of time this does become a lot harder to control

In terms of pre-procedure, there are some guidelines that you would need to adhere to

  • To start off the procedure the doctor will go on to examine your general health and then decide what type of surgery would suit you. All the procedure is going to be explained to you and if there are any doubts you can get them cleared as well.
  • Since it does appear to be a complex surgery you need to have a positive mindset when you enter this surgery room. Here the key would be to have a proper amount of rest, adopt a nutritious diet and then do not stress yourself as well. It would be better than if you could refrain from drinking or smoking at this point in time.
  • Before the surgery, it is suggested that you do go on to stop blood-thinning medicines. Do consult your doctor about the set of instructions that are provided to you.
  • Before the surgery is about to take place you have been asked to shave a portion of the hair. So it is suggested that you shampoo your hair before you go for the surgery.

The moment the surgery is over, you are being asked to go to the ICU and then the organs are going to be in a phase of monitoring. It is then an MRI would be conducted in order to find out whether a tumour has been removed in a proper manner as well. You will be asked to appear in a raised up position so that the face or the head does not sell during the procedure. The entire stay in the hospital would be a week or so. This will determine how you are going to cope up with the surgery.

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