List of foods to increase hdl

Get the full list of foods to increase hdl. Take your guide to your daily menu.

I want you to understand that getting to know the foods that increase hdl will help to prepare the dishes throughout the day. The foods that lower ldl may reduce hdl at the same time.

The list is prepared based on several studies carried out for this purpose. For more info about the studies conducted to see the efficiency of these foods, click here.


  • Berries.– Cranberries

    – Bilberries

    – Lingonberries (like cranberries)

    – Raspberries

    – Strawberries

    – Chokeberries

    – Black Currants

    If you are looking for other natural ways rather than foods to increase HDL, click here to find out a natural formula that works.

  • Other food category includes:- Curry (curcumin)

    – Onions (yellow or white)

    – Macadamia nuts

    – Dark chocolate (do not exceed 40 grams per day)

    – Brewed green tea (avoid instant or pre-mixed bottles)

    – Fish (even if taken as fish oil)

    – Olive oil

    Foods high in niacin (vitamin B3) play an important role to raise hdl cholesterol.

    Remember: The above foods cannot raise hdl cholesterol alone. You must work on exercise, and other lifestyle changes to have more results.


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