honey for lip and feet clear

by Inderjit

QUESTION: In which way we use honey for feet and lip cleaning?

ANSWER; Hi Inderjeet,

Different people do have different customs and uses of honey depending on their culture. Below find my preferred way of cleaning the feet and lips:


  • To clean your feet, first, soak them in warm water. When they are already moist, take 2 tablespoons and pour into your palms. Then, apply to your feet, wrap them with a plastic bag for up to 10 minutes.

    After 10 min, take off the plastic bag, clean your feet in warm water, and then, dry them.

  • With regards to cleaning the lips with honey, it is mostly used for cut, cracked or sore lips (usually in winter) or when you use lipstick.

    Usually, for sore lips I use butter. But, I have noticed that when mixed little butter with honey (until becoming creamy mixture), and put in lips, it has better softening effects.

    Some people, after applying this mixture, want to remove and wash it completely (depends on their taste). However, if you can keep as long as it is dried enough, and honey will turn into a sticky, sugary mixture, you can wash it completely (use some warm water).

    I have heard some people using Vaseline mixed with honey for the lips. As I mostly prefer natural products, I prefer the above-mentioned honey-and-butter balm.

  • If you want that your lips won’t come sore after putting on your lipstick; you can apply the above mixture for about 1 minute. After that, wash it completely, and put on your lipstick.

    I hope other readers will share their experiences with honey too.



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