About increasing hdl cholesterol

How far can increasing HDL protect your heart? What is the alternative to increase HDL cholesterol?

When raising HDL, at the same time you are cutting your chances to develop heart disease. Keep in mind that HDL (good cholesterol) is that type of lipoprotein, which carries the excessive cholesterol out of your body.

It can scrub your blood vessels from the extra cholesterol. And you will not have any more hard and thick blood vessels. And of course, you will be safe from any heart disease.

If you perform a lipid profile, you must look for the levels of HDL higher than 60 mg/dl. This can make you sure that you are protected from any heart disease.

If your HDL levels are between 40 and 60, you are ok because these are normal HDL range. Careful to levels lower than 40 mg/dl, although your LDL or total cholesterol levels are normal.

It is very dangerous to have these low HDL cholesterol levels. This means you are not protected. And for sure, this may lead to heart disease.

Now I believe you may realize the importance of increasing HDL cholesterol levels, although the normal LDL and total cholesterol levels.

What are the ways to increase HDL cholesterol?

It’s the same strategy you follow to lower LDL cholesterol (at least keep it as low as possible.

First, you must decide to make some therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC). Quitting some of your bad habits and improving the good ones which help, will be the best step you ever do.

Click here to get to know which are the bad habits you should say ‘NO’ and which are those you should insert in your daily agenda.

Second, the right diet strategy will be helpful too. By limiting some foods intake and taking some others can serve as a raising HDL important step.

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