Post Workout Nutrition


Why is post workout nutrition important?

Post workout meal or nutrition is a critical part of the athlete nutrition guidelines since it helps in repairing muscles and replenishing energy.

One important point to remember, and is often emphasized, is that the meal taken after the workout has to be low in fat and are simple sugars. 

Why is honey a good source of nutrition for athletes?

Honey, a source of carbohydrate, is known to be an excellent energy booster, and so is a great nutrition to take after a long, intensive physical activity. In fact, honey had been used for this purpose since the ancient times when the Greek Olympic athletes used to take honey to boost their energy.

Honey is composed of simple sugars and can be digested and absorbed quickly by the body. Water mixed with sugar will not have a quick effect since the sugar has to be inverted before entering the bloodstream.

A study found that combining honey with protein helps to improve recovery. Not only that, it also prevents a drop in the blood sugar level, which helps to store muscle fuel glycogen after a workout.

The body is fueled by the muscle glycogen and blood glucose while working out, so the level of glycogen and blood glucose will be exhausted significantly. This is why restoring the glycogen supply should be a priority so the body will recover effectively.

When the carbohydrates raise the blood sugar levels, it assists in the release of insulin that stimulates the carriage of amino acids into the muscle. This encourages protein synthesis that is a vital process post workout.

Take a spoonful of honey sprinkled with powdered protein supplement for a great post-workout nutrition.

Honey can also be consumed on its own or added into food and drinks such as tea or as toast spread. Plain yogurt sweetened with honey, and honey mixed with milk are other tasty and healthy alternatives. Besides that, honey is commonly used as an ingredient in gels, energy bars, and energy drinks. 

When should you eat your post workout meal?

According to many athlete nutrition guidelines, the ideal time to take your post workout nutrition is 20 to 60 minutes after you stop your physical activity because this is the period of optimum nutrient intake. It is good to start with carbohydrates that can be absorbed immediately by the body; this can be in the form of energy drinks, for instance.

After that, you can have a more solid, substantial nutritious meal (within 2 hours after workout). Of course, hydration is another concern after a workout, so make sure to drink enough water too.

Post workout nourishment is critical because it is the opportunity for you to rejuvenate. So, always take the advantage of the post-workout meal to refuel the body with the essential nutrients that it needs to replenish and repair the muscles.

It is a major factor in determining how you will perform in the next workout session, even if it doesn’t start immediately after the previous one.

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