Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

The raw food weight loss diet has gained much popularity in the recent years, particularly among those who have been looking for a natural and healthy alternative to lose weight.

A common definition of a raw food diet is a daily diet that consists of at least 75% unprocessed, uncooked foods and foods that are not heated above 40 degrees Celcius (115 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Processed food is stripped of the valuable vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. So when your diet is made up of too much cooked and processed food, you lack the essential nutrients that are needed for the body to function efficiently. For example, if we lack vitamins and minerals that are needed for the metabolism activity, the body’s fat-burning capacity will be reduced, causing fat to be stored.

Eating raw food is not only linked to weight loss, but also long-term health and well-being in general by aiding digestion, increasing stamina, and encouraging a more positive attitude towards dietary choices.

Foods that are not processed contains a higher amount of vitamins and minerals as well as high levels of fiber and antioxidants that are essential for our health.

The list of raw food in a raw food weight loss diet can be categorized as follows:

– raw, organic fruits and vegetables (leafy green vegetables are the best)
– raw nuts and seeds
– grains, beans, and legumes
– pure water (free of chlorine and fluoride)

Processed food, junk food, and the adulterated food is an absolute no-no in this type of diet. 

Where do you start…and how?

If this is new to you, you may find it overwhelming. But the fact is you don’t have to make a sudden transition! Make small changes gradually, day by day. Get yourself comfortable with raw food.

This simply means that when you initially start out on the raw food weight loss diet, you don’t have to completely eliminate all cooked and processed foods that you’ve always been used to. For a start, try to consume smaller portions of those foods and gradually reduce their intake, replacing them with organic fruits and vegetables.

For example, an easy way to start is by adding fresh fruits or leafy green juices and smoothies to your diet – for breakfast, or as a snack. When you are ready, you can include a small portion of raw food in each of your daily meals. Once you feel comfortable with this diet, you might want to eat a meal with more raw food than cooked food.

The small changes will eventually produce great results and you won’t find it hard to break your unhealthy eating habits and completely eliminate the high-fat, high-sugar and high-additive foods from your meal. In fact, eating raw food can make food addictions and cravings go away.

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