Thalassemia Test

Thalassemia and its symptoms

Liquid connective tissue

The blood is one of the best ways that helps in connecting the whole human body structure. There is a reason why the blood is called the liquid connective tissue. Blood is a watery fluid for which the term liquid came in to use. And also the blood also forms the connective system as they connect almost all of the body with their flow rate. Along with that blood is also called a tissue because it contains a number of different types of cells in it. These cells have a lot of work which they perform in the body. So it is very much clear why blood is termed as the liquid connective e tissue. The blood contains the red blood cells and the white blood cells, the platelets and thousands of other important biomolecules present in them. These biomolecules have a specific function to do. They reach their desired regions along with the flow of the blood so that they can be useful and be helpful to the body so that they have a good utilization of their property. These functions are also very much specified where each of the cells present in the blood never crosses any of their path and function in a wrong way. And if it happens a lot of other problems and the body gets totally compromised in every possible way.


Thalassemia is a congenital inherited disease where the blood gets problematic or to be precise does not work properly. The red blood cell or the RBC’s loses its property so the problem happens. The congenital inherited means that this problem can be transferred from one generation to the other generation. The cure to this disease to not found in a complete way. Although there are definitely many types of cure and ways of treatment to it that is half. The red blood cells or the RBC’s are one of the most important constituents of the human blood. They are the cells that carry oxygen to reach every corner of the human body. Along with the oxygen, the red blood cells also contains the capability of containing iron which is also very needed in the form of a cofactor in many segments of the body where the body needs some metabolic reaction to do. In thalassemia, the red blood cells lose its power of oxygen-carrying. Hence there rises all the related problems to it as the hemoglobin which actually carries the oxygen is very much deformed.

The reason

This problem of thalassemia will often result in the destruction of the red blood cells as the one of the main components of the RBC that is hemoglobin is totally deformed. This will result in the anemic condition in the body. In this condition, there is the enormous destruction of red blood cells within the body before their lifetime.


There are many symptoms of anemia. They are the

  • Bone deformities
  • Black urine
  • Tiredness as well as fatigue
  • Pale skin


Thalassemia treatment in India is very much popular. A number of doctors who are specialist in this field are present in different hospitals who are curing this problem.

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