Types of Honey

Types of Honey

We may not notice different types of honey right away whenever we buy them from the store. Honey can be categorized based on its floral source and formation.

Honey of the same type, however, can be of different varieties. This means that they may have different flavor, color and texture. There are in fact hundreds of honey varieties.

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What Type of Honey is Available in Market?

Monofloral honey

Monofloral honey refers to honey which is produced from the nectar of only one type of flower. Honey of this type is considered to be the best in quality due to its unique taste and fragrance compared to other types of honey. This is because the nectar comes from only one particular source.

Well you certainly can’t tell the bees which flowers they should go to, but you can control where the beehives are located, which is what professional beekeepers do.

The beekeepers will keep the beehives in an area which has only the targeted flower species.One way to do this is to put the beehives in that area during the blossoming period of the flowers so they can get as much nectar as possible from a single source.

Polyfloral honey

Polyfloral honey is just the opposite of monofloral honey, which means the nectar is collected from different types of flowers.

Blended honey

You can simply tell from its name that blended honey is a mixture of different types of honey. The purpose of blending honey is to get a particular flavor.

It is very easy to find blended honey as it is highly available in the market.

Honeydew honey

This is the kind of honey that is made when the bees collect sweet secretions of insects, called the honeydew. An insect will use the sap from a tree to make the honeydew and the bees will make honey from this honeydew.

Honeydew honey is special because it is quite rare and can only be obtained from certain areas such as the Black Forest in Germany, some regions in Bulgaria and Greece. This kind of honey is usually thick, rich and has a dark color. The taste is also different from many other types of honey.

We can also categorize different types of honey according to how it is obtained:

Comb Honey

Comb honey is usually chosen by people who like honey in its most pure, natural form. It is the honey that the bees place in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb, and then sealed with wax cappings. It is sterile and can be eaten right away.

Extracted Honey

Extracted honey is the type of honey that we usually buy from the market. It is obtained from the comb, but with the help of a device called a honey extractor. Extracted honey is usually put in jars or bottles.

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